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September 28, 2012
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ASW - Luris of the Beasts by flominowa ASW - Luris of the Beasts by flominowa
This was a commission for Project-Epic :iconproject-epic: and it's the second completed piece for A Soul and a Window Commission Project! This is his original character, Queen Luris. Raised by her father who was the king of a tribe known as "The Beasts," she experienced a tumultuous upbringing full of invasion and conquest, which resulted in her fearless character. She has a supernatural gift of being able to have premonitions. Eventually, Luris grows to become a virtuous queen for her people. An interesting plot point is that whenever her father's tribe invaded other kingdoms, she would go to their castles and museums and learn about other cultures. Her identity is gradually formed as she selects the characteristics and values of these various societies, and her unusual mis-match of relics and accessories is a visual representation of the assortment of multicultural ideals she upholds (I think that's the coolest idea ever).

If you've also written an original story and you'd like me to draw your character, please join in on the Soul and a Window project and share your story with me and with the world!

For more information on A Soul and a Window, click here.

Though the file size is reduced, this is a commissioned piece so please do not use this image for any purposes without consulting me first. Thank you.
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ThereseOfTheNorth Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
I love this! =)
LeofromBr Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MilagrosSofia Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
so so so llovely
Mon3chat Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just beautiful!
Hoshiya Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Waw i love it!! But which software do you use to do this?
Moonhour Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This looks so well made, I love how realistic you got the details on the clothes and it's really cool picture ^^
Amrock Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Student Filmographer
Woo, this is fantastic!
twirkle Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
This is divine. So inspiring!
I hope you keep the ASW project going for a while, because I will save up for this!
Agatha-Macpie Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The details on the wall are just incredible ! I love the movement and all the jewels and details in her outfit ! Lovely work, really and cool project otherwise ! Can't wait to see more about it ! :)
Sagaoosh Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Student Artist
the draping is seriously ridicolously well drawn *o* i could stare at that part for hours
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